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California Jazz Conservatory


2087 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94704


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr20Fri Danny Bittker: DannyBoyBlue 8:00 PM
Apr21Sat Sherie Julianne And Marcos Silva Brazilian Jazz 8:00 pm
Apr21Sat Advanced Rhythmic Concepts in Modern Jazz with Michael Echaniz 3:15 PM
Apr22Sun Origins of Latin Jazz - the Cuban Melodic Rhythmic Connection and Rare Jazz Instrumental and Vocal Gems with Larry Vuckovich 12:00 PM
Apr23Mon Dave Eshelman's Jazz Garden Big Band 40th Anniversary Celebration 7:30 PM
Apr25Wed Jazz in the Neighborhood Presents...Actual Trio 7:30 PM
Apr27Fri Susan Muscarella Trio 8:00 PM

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